Monday, December 4, 2006

About Hayko

Hayko was born in Istanbul to Armenian parents. He lived in Strasbourg, France from age 19 for 10 years. He came to New York City in 1988 with his wife; both daughters were born here. Hayko is widely respected for both the quality of his rugs and for his personal integrity. He works closely with museums and private collectors; he specially enjoys working with new owners, and encourages people to come in for Turkish coffee and a Look at his showroom located at 857 Lexington Avenue at 65th Street.

...Hayko’s main focus is the work on old and antique carpets that takes place in the brightly light room behind him and makes up 80 percent of his business.

When dealing with valuable and rare carpets, average work is not good enough. You can rely on Hayko's staff of master craftspeople for impeccable restorations of the finest antique carpets.

Hayk Oltaci's interest in carpets started at age 16, when his grandfather gave him an old Turkish rug in need of repair. What started as a hobby became a life-long passion. Since then, he perfected his craft at shops in Europe and the US before opening his own restoration service.

Museum-Quality Rug Restoration Services By An Armenian Craftsman